Which housewife is a scammer?

Marlo Hampton sure thinks EVA is..

She stated that Eva and her new husband were evicted from the their Atlanta Townhouse!

In this clip that we obtained from Bravo, Marlo can be heard saying that

‘I’m hearing that [Eva and her husband] are having a problem with where they’re living. They’re renting and they have to get out ASAP.’

‘Her car has a CPA or CPN number. That’s some crooked way to get a car.’

For those of you who don’t Know what CPN is:

CPN schemes are promoted by companies claiming that they can clean up credit and/or guarantee a credit score of 700-800 in a short period of time. 

These companies find random SSNs, which are run through public databases to determine their status. If they’re clean— validated as an active SSN that is not on file with credit bureaus—they are offered for sale.

The companies are very careful not to call these “social security numbers.” They use several names, all with an acronym of CPN, including “credit profile number,” “credit privacy number” or “credit protection number.” But they are really stolen SSNs sold to consumers who are desperate to escape bad credit.

Do you think these alleged accusations about Eva are true?


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