Student arrested for Wrestling principle?

According to NYDN: 



A Miami high school student was arrested after attempting to perform a wrestling move on his principal.

Gianny Sosa, 18, attempted the move called an “RKO” on Miami Southridge Senior High School principal Humberto Miret on Wednesday.

Video of the incident showed Miret swiftly stop the teen and get him in a headlock. He then pushed the student against a wall before the video cut off.

The RKO move is done by approaching an opponent, jumping into the air, grabbing the back of the person’s head and driving the opponent’s face into the mat when they fall.

When police responded, Sosa was “in a separate office and was uncooperative with staff.”

Sosa was arrested and charged with battery on a school official and interference with an educational institution. Miret was “adamant on pursuing charges” against the teen, according to arrest records.

Oh, now that I’m recording you don’t want to touch me? You don’t want to hit me now?” Sosa said to Miret in the video. “It’s crazy, ain’t it? Now that the camera has your face, you don’t want to hit me. Now that the superintendent might see this, you don’t want to touch me.”

Miret tells the teen to stop recording, to which he responds “I’m recording myself.”

This apparently isn’t the teen’s first attempt at wrestling moves in public places. A quick look through other videos on his page show him diving onto a table of baked goods at a grocery store, jumping into an inflatable ball container at Walmart and entering some type of fenced off display to RKO a ceramic alligator — all within the past week.

Sosa appeared in court on Thursday where a Miami-Dade County judge said he was eligible for pretrial services, meaning he would be released anytime that day without posting bond, local news station WPLG reported.


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