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Queen Elizabeth shades Trump

So Bestie, yall know Mr Twitter fingers was over in the UK visiting with the Queen! No, not Nicki fool, the other Queen, Queen Elizibeth!


Now did you catch the particular crown that the Queen choose to where during his visit?



Well the tea is, that this particular crown was gifted to the Queen from the House of Garrard in 1973!

Per a press release, jeweler Garrard revealed that the queen's iconic tiara includes "rubies gifted to her on her marriage from the people of Burma. The 96 rubies are a symbolic gesture, as rubies in Burmese culture protect from illness and evil,


in this case to protect the wearer from the 96 diseases that can afflict humans."

Because of the special meaning the rubies hold, some Twitter users are alleging that the queen was secretly shading her American visitor:


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