NeNe Divorcing Greg? AGAIN!

Hey Bestie,
According to BSCOTT:

NeNe Leakes revealed during the second part of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ reunion that she and husband Gregg Leakes are considering divorce.

“Our relationship is not great. [Cancer] really put a strain on us. We decided to do counseling,” NeNe told Andy Cohen.

Andy asked NeNe if she would have made up her mind about getting a divorce had her husband had not been diagnosed with cancer.

“It would be easy to make a decision about divorcing Gregg if he didn’t have cancer,” NeNe said. “I don’t want to live my life unhappy.”

“The reward might not be necessarily be that we are husband and wife at the end,” Gregg added. “The reward might be that we are best friends at the end.”

Bestie , I dont know about you, BUT I SMELL A STORYLINE!!!!!!


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