Hey Bestie,
It’s no secret that The King Of RNB career has been derailed under the current sexual abuse allegations! If yall remember, during the interview with Gayle King, he said he only had about 300K left, well it seems the 300k has indeed left, because its being reported that his account is in the negative!!!!!!!!!!!!

According to the BLAST:
“R. Kelly‘s financial troubles appear to be dire after the singer had $150,000 seized, leaving one of his bank accounts in the red. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Wintrust Bank, where Kelly holds an account, informed one of his creditors (his former landlord) that the singer currently has a balance of negative $13 with them. Kelly did have two other accounts with Bank of America — holding $44,595.58 and $110,056.64, for a grand total of $154,527.22 — but everything but $625 was seized by his former landlord to settle a massive debt owed.

ASCAP — the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, which collects money for artists — claims Kelly is not owed any money by them. The docs were filed as part of the legal battle involving Kelly and his former Chicago landlord. The landlord sued accusing him of owing back rent. The landlord scored a $173k judgment and had been trying to collect on the debt. They fired off subpoenas to Sony Music, ASCAP and multiple banks where Kelly held accounts. They collected the $154, 527.22 from Bank of America and are asking the judge to release another $50k from Sony to settle the entire debt.”

* I hope he can recover from this*


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