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Is Kylie ready to marry Travis?

Hey Bestie, Kylie may be trying to pull a fast on on us, and I aint talking about Kylie Skin Either!!!!

They say she trying to get married!

RadarOnline said:

Kylie JennerOpens a New Window. is ready to be a bride, for a potential shotgun wedding, that is!

RadarOnline.com learned exclusively that the makeup mogul wants to marry boyfriend Travis ScottOpens a New Window., 28, and wouldn’t mind if they elope for their nuptials.

“It burns away at Kylie that they had StormiOpens a New Window. out of wedlock, but at the time their relationship was shaky and then things got pushed onto the back burner because they couldn’t figure out a prenup agreement that suits them both,” a source told Radar.

Now that their issues seem to have been resolved, Kylie is hoping they can exchange vows by summer, a source told Radar exclusively.

She’s even gotten some inspiration from one of the Jonas brothers!

“She loves what Sophie TurnerOpens a New Window. and Joe JonasOpens a New Window. just did and is brainstorming something similar,” the source said about Kylie’s weddingOpens a New Window. plans. “This won’t be a family-planned event though, as Kylie sees herself above the whole KUWTK circus these days.”



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