Gucci accused of cultural appropriation

While it's well known that fashion designers tend to push the envelope in the name of creative design — they often miss the mark and instead spark outrage. Case in point: World-renowned Italian fashion house Gucci is under fire — again. This time over a namesake turban resembling the traditional Sikh headwear that was modeled by a caucasian male at the luxury brand's Milan Fashion Week show last winter.

After the show, outrage ensued. One Twitter user asked Gucci why it couldn't have found a "brown model" to showcase the look. Another, who identified as Sikh, called the fashion statement "a huge sign of disrespect and disregard towards Sikhism."

But Gucci failed to respond in a way that was satisfactory to those it offended, and the controversy bubbled up again this week when social media users identified the "Indy Full Head Wrap" for sale on Nordstrom's website.




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