Gay Church members show God their bedroom tricks


Some images or text may offend people, If you are easily offended, or a Minor , please don't go any further into this post (Viewer Discretion is advised)




Well bestie the internet has been in an uproar all day because a leaked video ,excuse me VIDEOS has been circulating the net. The video shows a couple of church members performing sexual acts inside of the church...THE CHURCH (OMG JESUS HELP ME)




Whats makes it even worse is that one of the guys in the video is the PASTORS SON...the video shows him giving head to to the lightskin guy allegedly!



And the pastors son sings in the church


Now BESTIE, you know we classy over here so we not gon show the video, BUT we will leave the link to it BELOW! (imma pray for yall)


The name of the two individuals involved and the church are still unknown at this time, we will keep you updated!


Click here for the video


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