Equifax data breach settlement

Bestie we've been bamboozled, ambushed, hood winked!!!!

So yall remember last week when the news broke that the United States fined Equifax millions of dollars because there was a data breach and over 175 million people had their personal information leaked?


There was a fund set up to pay all the victims $125 if they filed a claim, but apparently everybody and they mother filed a claim, because Equifax said they cant feed all of us $125, so instead they are offering 10 years of credit monitoring , the first 4 years they will offer you free monitoring for all 3 credit bureaus , and the last 6 years they will only offer credit monitoring for Equifax only.......I rather have the money, what about yall?


You have deadlines that affect your rights:

  • You have until Jan. 22, 2020, to opt into the settlement by making a claim. By opting in, you give up the right to pursue separate legal claims over the data breach.
  • You have until Nov. 19 to opt out of the settlement and retain your right to sue Equifax separately. You give up the option to get the remedies offered in the settlement. You must opt out by postal mail; you can’t do it via the website.
  • If you do neither of the above, you lose the ability to pursue legal claims related to the data breach once the settlement becomes final.


If you want to know if you are affected by this data breach: Click Here


If you want to file a claim: Click Here


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