Rihanna’s Fenty Model, Carissa Pinkston caught lying about being Transsexual

Carissa Pinkston who is a model for Marc Jacobs, Savage x Fenty, Prabal Gurung, and more—has recently been getting dragged online for falsely coming out as a transgender woman while trying to avoid backlash for previous trans-phobic comments, and the story is truly crazy.

After she “came out” and was called out for her lie, Carissa went on Instagram to confess that she isn’t actually a transgender woman. Apparently, Carissa lied about being a transgender woman only so people would stop sending her hateful messages because of her trans-phobic Facebook rants.


Read some of her rants below:

But after she was allegedly fired from one of her modeling gigs, she came up with this sad story and lied about being trans-gendered to avoid anymore consequences! (See Below)

But if you read the tweet below, you will see a screenshot of her friend (@oddfreckles) in the comments telling everyone that she is lying about being trans)

After being caught in a lie, she finally came clean!

She has since deleted her apology!


I hope CIS gets help


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