Busta Rhymes escorted off London flight due to arguing with passenger

Busta Rhymes was allegedly escorted off a British Airways flight by London authorities on Monday after he had an argument with a female passenger about overhead bin space.

He was boarding a flight from New York City to London’s Heathrow Airport when he wasn’t able to find space for all of his bags in the overhead compartments, a number of passengers claimed, according to multiple reports.

A Passenger passenger claims his wife and the rapper got into an argument, then Buista told the woman to “move your stuff” out of the overhead bin.


The pilot came out to defuse the situation and the passengers said that Busta was the only one aggressive!

Some passengers said they heard Busty tell the husband (they would talk about it when they landed in London.)---- LMAO

Busta told the pilot what he meant by that was "he had a ‘hard life’ and that he wasn’t trying to threaten the passenger with violence, instead claiming that he just wanted to talk to him to sort out the issue once they had landed.”----LMAO

The DAILY MAIL confirmed that the plane did depart with all the passengers, however the couple requested that security be at the gate once they landed in London, because they were scared of Busta . ----LMAOOOOOOOO

Once they landed in London, the authorities escorted Busta off (They shoul dhave escorted the scared couple though LOL)

This story is too funny!

If I'm ever on a flight with him, he cam have all my storage space

Tell me what yall think of this in the comments below!



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