Hey Bestie, Usually when people start a business they trademark their names. So things like this wont happen!

Beyonce gave birth to her daughter “Blue Ivy” in 2012. Shortly after birth, she tried to trademark the name, by filling out the appropriate paperwork. Once the paperwork is filed, someone may contest it if they are already using the trademark. Unfortunately the name “Blue Ivy” was already being used by a wedding planning company, the company had been in business 3 years prior to Beyonce’s daughter being born. The owner of company ‘ Veronica MoralesĀ  ‘ is not letting Beyonce use her celebrity star status to bully her and she is now demanding that Beyonce hands over private Text Messages between Her , Jay Z and Tina Lawson regarding the trademarking, but Beyonce is refusing to provide the documentation, thus making this case easier for Victoria.

What do you guys thinks about this mess?


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